Sheepballs - Herding games for collies

Collies are born to herd, and in the absence of sheep often choose inappropriate targets - cars, children, other dogs etc.

Sheepballs is a game developed by Kay Laurence that gives them an outlet for their instinctual behaviour in a safe, appropriate way.

This mini-course will give you an insight into your collie's world and what makes them tick, as well as introducing you and your collie to a game which allows them to express their natural behaviour.

Sheepballs is great fun for both you and your dog and can be used as part of a plan to help your dog with problem behaviours that have occurred as a result of your dog's misplaced herding instinct. You don't have to have a problem to take part though!

The course consists of 3 x 1hr Zoom classes and a Facebook group. We will discuss the theory and practical of sheepballs, as well as watching videos and discussing how to move your dog forward in the game.

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