1-2-1 Dog Training

The beauty of 1-2-1 classes is that you can work on exactly what you want to achieve. I offer classes either in and around your home, online, or at my indoor venue, depending on what you want to work on.

1-2-1 AT HOME

If you are struggling with day-to-day life with your dog I will usually offer training sessions at your home and on your usual walks. Because dogs can behave differently in different places and your environment will dictate which strategies are best or even possible for you.

Areas I regularly work with:


Recall (including dogs who aren't interested in treats on a walk)
Fear issues (e.g. fear of people, other dogs, travelling in the car)

Frustration issues (e.g. barking, mouthing, jumping up)

Reactivity (barking/lunging at other dogs/people)

Border collies (including chasing/herding cars, other dogs, children etc.)

Lead walking

Learning to cope with vet visists

ONLINE 1-2-1

We can develop your dog's scentwork, learn new tricks and work on your heelwork to music. I can also help with training your dog's general life skills so they are well behaved in the home or to help them be more comfortable with visits to the vet or groomers.


I offer 1-2-1 classes in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle (doggie dancing!) as well as scent work and performance fundamentals for any dog sport.

I specialise in improving motivation and relationship - so if you have a dog who goes off sniffing, runs off to play without you, can't focus on training or just isn't interested, I can help.


I am happy to work with dogs who struggle with other dogs, with people they don't know, and dogs who can't work in a class environment for a number of different reasons.

Training a dog 1 to 1 (1-2-1 training)