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Mantrailing Workshops

A collage of dogs mantrailing and sniffing the ground on a mantrailing workshop

Mantrailing is a fantastic, fun activity to do with all breeds of dog. He or she will show you their incredible skills in following a trail to find someone who is lost or hiding. At its top level trailing dogs can save the lives of people who are lost or catch criminals; but even beginner dogs can show impressive skills - trailing is something they do naturally - you may have noticed them following some unknown (to us!) trail out on walks. Most of all, your dog will have a wonderful time giving you a glimpse into their world - where they smell the world more than they see it.

Suitable for dogs who are anxious or reactive around other dogs.

We will be working dogs individually, so your dog needs to be comfortable resting in the car when not working.

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Here's a couple of videos of my Magic doing some more advanced trails:

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