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Dog Training Accreditations and Memberships

Custom Canine Training takes dog training very seriously and adheres to strict codes of ethics and training guidelines.

For your peace of mind, Custom Canine Training has memberships with and follows the charters of the following recognised dog training bodies:


The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

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The IMDT is the leading education provider for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists.


The UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter

As a member of the Institute of Modern Dog trainers, I am bound to adhere to (and enjoy doing so!) the ethics UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter

The charter sets minimum standards of animal welfare, professional conduct, and ensure that practitioners only use the most up to date and humane methodologies and tools.


Scentwork UK

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The purpose of Scentwork UK is to promote and develop scentwork both as a training activity and as a dog sport with regular trials nationally.


World Scent Dog Association

I am an accredited member of the World Scent Dog Association, having been one of the first trainers to complete their stringent training programme and evaluation.

School of Canine Science Trainer of the Year

I came first and second across three training challenges in the Trainer of the Year competition in 2018, an annual event held at Battersea Dogs home, where trainers are each allocated 3 unknown dogs and required to train various behaviours in a short space of time.


Clear DBS Certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service)

I am fully DBS cleared

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