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GDPR Information (General Data Protection Regulation)

What information do I collect?

If you have training with me I collect the following information:

Your name

Your dog's name

Contact number



Emergency contact name and number

Your vet's details

Information on your dog's training needs and history.

Financial information

What do I use it for?

For identification and communication. To provide my dog training service. To care for your pet in case of emergency. For financial transactions.

Do I share/store your information?

I only use your information for the delivery of my services. I do not share any of your information with any third party, except in an emergency when I may share information e.g. with your vet. I may use testimonials and client photos for marketing purposes, but only with your expressed consent. Your information is stored in password protected documents.

Legitimate interest

I may share your information in case of emergency, e.g. with your vet.

Legal obligation

I am required to keep financial records for the purposes of tax returns for 7 years.

Right of access

You may request to see any information I keep on you at any point.

How long do I keep your information?

If you choose to have training with me I keep your information for 7 years from the end of your contact with me, in line with the requirements of my professional insurance.

If you have any concerns about how I use your data, please discuss it with me as soon as you feel able. My contact details are:

You also have the right to complain to the ICO (Information commissioner's office):

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