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Frequent Dog Training Terms

What is mantrailing for dogs?

Mantrailing is basically a game of hide and seek for your dog. We will teach your dog to sniff an article and then find the person that left it by following their trail. Most dogs love mantrailing as it is an activity close to their hearts and gives them a task and a purpose.

What is scentwork for dogs?

Scentwork is when we train dogs to find and indicate a specific odour. Drug sniffer dogs are the most well-known, but dogs can be trained to sniff out almost anything, from computer equipment to diseases. At Custom Canine we use odours that are commonly used in scent trials - clove, gun oil, truffle oil and Kong.

What is Heelwork to Music and Freestlye?

Heelwork to Music (in the UK) encompasses 2 disciplines - Heelwork to Music (HTM) and Freestyle, which are both choreographed routines set to music, sometimes (though not always) including props.
Heelwork routines require the dog to be working in one of the 8 heelwork positions for at least 2/3 of the routine, while the other 1/3 can other tricks and moves.

Freestyle, as the name suggests, is much freer, a maximum of 1/3 of the routine may be heelwork, but the majority needs to be other tricks and moves linked together to either tell a story or as a dance.

What is ‘Sheepballs’ for dogs?

Sheepballs is a game for border collies to simulate herding sheep, without the need for actual sheep. It allows them to channel their innate need to herd into an appropriate game, rather than directing it unsuspecting joggers, children, other dogs and cars.

What is clicker training for dogs?

Clicker training is a form of positive reinforcement dog training using a marker (such as a clicker or sound) to pinpoint the exact moment your dog performed a desired behaviour. The marker is then followed by a reward such as a treat or toy.


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