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Cues, Clarity and Communication


Sunday 29th September 1-3pm



Limited to 6 dogs.
Junior handlers welcome.
£25 per dog

(Follows "Focus, Motivation and Engagement"

- £45 for both workshops)

The focus of this workshop will be to improve the clarity with which you communicate with your dog, which in turn will reduce frustration and confusion in both you and your canine partner. Your dog will learn to tell you when they don't understand what you want, so they don't need to guess, bark at you or go off sniffing. At the same time it will improve reliability and confidence, improving performance as well as your relationship with each other.

We will learn about cues, how to introduce cues, and how to make sure the dog understands them under different conditions and in different environments.

Much of my learning on these topics has come from Kay Laurence, who has helped me to have better communication with my own dogs.

This workshop is suitable for dogs working in any discipline as well as people who have an interest in training but no desire to compete.

There are tea and coffee facilities at the venue (bring your own mug!). We will be working primarily in the indoor arena. You are welcome to walk your dog in the beautiful farmland before/after classes.

Tong Park Farm is just off Junction 3 of the M54, between Telford and Wolverhampton.

Please message to book.

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