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Interactive Play Workshop


Saturday 27th July 10-12pm


At Tong Park Farm

2 hour workshop, limited to 6 dogs.
Junior handlers welcome.
£25 per dog
(followed by Focus, Motivation and Engagement Workshop in the afternoon - £40 for both workshops.)
Interactive Play Instructor, certified with Craig Ogilvie Dog Training

Interactive Play with your dog can be one of the most incredible experiences, it deepens your relationship and understanding, helps to motivate your dog and we can use it as a reinforcer for other behaviours from recall to agility or any other dog activity.

In this workshop we will learn how to get the most out of your interactive play with your dog. Your experience will be tailored to what you and your dog need, since every team is different. Common themes that people want to work on include:

Helping dogs who aren't interested in toys enjoy play with their person.
Returning to you with their toy rather than running off with it.
Releasing the toy when you ask.
Making play safer with dogs who bite at their person's hands instead of/as well as the toy.
Learning self-control around toys.
Using toys as reinforcers.
Improving confidence in your dog's play.

Any questions, please ask, I'm very happy to talk through whether this workshop would be suitable for you and your dog - I enjoy adapting exercises to dogs with unusual needs :)

There are tea and coffee facilities at the venue. We will be working both indoors and outdoors (unless the weather is horrible, when we might stay indoors!). You are welcome to stay to walk your dog in the beautiful farmland after the workshop.

Tong Park Farm is just off Junction 3 of the M54, between Telford and Wolverhampton.


Message for more information.

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