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Tricks and Training Skills


Fortnightly Wednesday evenings (6-8pm):
£50 per block of 3x2hr classes.

Limited to 6 dogs.
Junior handlers welcome.

Teaching tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog, use their brain and improve our own training skills.

This course is suitable for all levels - from complete beginners through to dogs with quite a few tricks already - all of the tricks we work on can be progressed up to something more complex if you need extra challenge.

We will be learning tricks which help with rear-end awareness, core strength and coordination; tricks which help your dog with their everyday life such as vet visits; tricks that are helpful for other dog sports such as agility; and tricks that are just fun to learn and teach!

We will use learning tricks as a vehicle for learning how to train more clearly, so that our dogs understand what we want at each step. This in turn reduces confusion and frustration in your dog and improves reliability and performance.

We will learn about:
Sequences and chains
Shaping and micro-shaping
Using targets and other props
You can take these skills to any other area of training, whether that is life skills, sports or working dog training.

There are tea and coffee facilities at the venue (bring your own mug!). We will be working primarily in the indoor arena. You are welcome to walk your dog in the beautiful farmland before/after classes.

Tong Park Farm is just off Junction 3 of the M54, between Telford and Wolverhampton.

Please message to book.

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