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Sunday 24th November 10-4pm

Stafford North End

Community Centre

Tellington TTouch Training, or TTouch, is a positive, animal friendly approach to training, rehabilitating and calming animals that can influence all areas of your dog's life. Behaviour problems, performance issues and your dog's well-being are all intrinsically linked to posture. Physical, mental and emotional balance are all crucial for a well rounded, resilient and adaptable dog.

Attending this workshop, Rachel will introduce you to TTouch techniques to help you and your dog in everyday life. This will include -
~ How to observe and read the subtle signs your dog shows to communicate to us, including how they may be feeling, areas of tightness, coat patterns and tension patterns.
~ TTouches that can help relax your dog, relieve tension patterns and be less reactive.
~ A simple body wrap that can help your dog relax and be less reactive and noise sensitive.
~ Groundwork activities to enable your dog to have physical balance, proprioceptive awareness and become more focused. We also find that it is relaxing and helps to encourage a calmer dog.

Rachel is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner with fifteen years’ experience and is one of the highest qualified practitioners in the UK for Companion Animals as well as being an equine TTouch practitioner. TTouch has lead Rachel to further studies to help the dogs in her care and she is now also a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist working with amazing dogs that are in need of some physical care and rehabilitation. This combination of modalities enhances the skills Rachel brings to the animals she works with and is especially beneficial for the more sensitive and anxious animals.

Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be provided, please bring your own lunch.
Handler space - £75
Spectator space - £45

Stafford North End Community Centre is just off Jct 14 of the M6.

Please message to book.

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