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Scent 1 Workshops


December 8th 10-12pm


At Gailey Marina

2 hour workshop, limited to 6 dogs.
Junior handlers welcome.

£20 per dog

The workshop will cover:

  • Intensive searches with passive indication - searching for small scent samples we ask our dogs for precision and teaching them a passive indication (freeze) on the scent. This is the beginning of training for drug and explosive detection, among many other purposes.

  • Basic theory of scent work, the amazing power of the canine nose, and why dogs sometimes can't find the treat right in front of them!


Scent work is amazing for building confidence in nervous and fearful dogs and also in calming over-excited dogs. It is also a great low-impact activity that can be adapted to dogs with very limited mobility. Most of all it's fun!

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and dog-handler teams with some experience in scent work.

Teams tend to progress at different rates, so the workshop will be tailored to each team, breaking things down and adding extra challenge for those that want it.

Any questions, please ask, I'm very happy to talk through whether this workshop would be suitable for you and your dog - I enjoy adapting exercises to dogs with unusual needs :)

There are tea and coffee facilities at the venue. We will be working both indoors and outdoors (unless the weather is horrible, when we might stay indoors!). You are welcome to stay to walk your dog in the beautiful farmland after the workshop.

Gailey Marina is just off Jct 12 of the M6 (where it joins the A5).

To book, send me a message.


Bru indicating on a tiny scent sample

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World Scent Dog Association certified instructor

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